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Strativity Group brings deep research and advanced analytical skills to help our clients identify and understand the insights that matter most. Our team includes a number of social scientists, design researchers and data driven analysts. We employ a wide range of qualitative techniques to collect and analyse non numerical data to understand ecosystems, concepts, motivations, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, opinions and experiences. Our quantitative research methods emphasise statistical, mathematical and numerical analysis of data collected through polls, questionnaires, and surveys, or by manipulating pre-existing data using computational techniques. We bring advanced research design, interrogation, analysis and modelling capabilities that can be used to validate perspectives, identify issues, understand opportunities, develop strategies and inform robust business cases.

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Qualitative Research

When developing strategy, macro trends and market context complimented with a deep understanding of human motivators and resulting behaviours can be a powerful insight base. Strativity use multiple approaches and mixed methods research to supplement existing understanding and data sets. Some of the types of research we deploy regularly include ethnography, focus groups and in-depth interviews.
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Quantitative Research

Quantitative research methods emphasise objective measurements and the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data collected through surveys/questionnaires or by manipulating pre-existing statistical data using computational techniques. Strativity regularly design and deploy quantitative research approaches to: size markets; evaluate opportunities; understand perceptions/attitudes; assess experience performance and importance; identify drivers; model choice/trade-offs; inform commercial models and business cases; and provide baselines for our clients.
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Experience Mapping

A critical starting point for experience enhancement is understanding what it is like to be a customer/employee/prospect/stakeholder today, and to understand what truly drives and motivates behaviour. Strativity deploy a range of human centred design and mixed-method research techniques to truly ‘get into the hearts and minds’ of people.
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Economic Analysis & Business Cases

An ability to model the size of the prize for a possible strategic play, customer strategy or uplift in customer experience is critical for most leadership teams. We use a combination of mixed method techniques to determine the likely value on offer, supported by targeted research (if required), robust analysis and clear, validated assumptions.
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Customer Lifetime Value

Strativity assists organisations to establish and monitor customer lifetime value (CLV), one of the key metrics likely to be tracked as part of a customer strategy deployment. CLV is the total worth to a business of a customer over the whole period of their relationship.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees who are committed to an organisation’s purpose and bring their best efforts everyday have a material impact on strategic success. Our research and experience with employee engagement and value creation demonstrates that employee performance is driven by their relationship with a variety of key stakeholders. We use a set of approaches to assess employee engagement through the lens of various relationships to provide a holistic view. Deploying our engagement model will enable organisations to: understand engagement and performance in an actionable way; identify core relationship issues requiring change; assess employee mindsets; identify regional and functional challenges; and track results and progress over time.
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Ongoing Listening Programs

Strativity deploy a proprietary VOC program approach that can be used to both assess an existing program or facilitate a complete re-design. We have a templated design document with extensive detail that can be used to inform the selection of a technology partner and guide every aspect of implementation and management. Once the optimal design is agreed, we use another set of tools to communicate and engage leaders and then employees. Our unique approach to mindset shift, personal ownership development and change is then leveraged to ensure the program is executed and implemented effectively.
“Strativity are a team of consummate experts that assisted Greyhound greatly to understand the moments of truth that are pivotal in the minds of our customers, ensuring their experience moves beyond good to great!"

Alex De Waal - Chief Executive Officer of Greyhound Australia

“Thanks Brad – your support and the team at Strativity Group helped us drive an insight-led, data-driven approach to disrupt a 124-year-old bank!"

Andrew Chanmugan - Executive General Manager of CX of Bankwest

"We have partnered with Strativity across a range of projects and have always found them passionate and professional. They bring a pragmatic approach that has helped us improve the experience of our members."

Simon Grant - Group Executive of Advocacy & International

"Strativity helped us to understand and decompose our current customer experience and trial new and innovative offerings. They bring together research, strategic design and quantitative capabilities very well to deliver effective outcomes."

Mark Healy - Managing Director of Global Payments ANZ

"Thanks Brad and Strativity, you have been a great partner to us this year!"

Ant Dureau - Chief Client Officer of AMP

"Before we met Strativity, we used to turn the lights on at 7:00am, a bit like a military operation. Now we let residents choose when they’d like to get up and we have noticed that our dementia patients are calmer."

Annette Hili - Chief Operating Officer of BaptistCare

"We have engaged Strativity on a number of projects and have been really pleased with their capability, focus, and of course the outcomes. Would definitely recommend them."

Chris Jackson - General Manager, Customer Experience & Digital at Transurban

"The Strativity team brought enthusiasm, expertise and a practical approach to their work with Alliance Group. They helped us to better understand the supplier and customer ecosystem, prioritise our efforts and drive real change."

David Surveyor - CEO at Alliance Group

"The Strativity team helped us to value an important market segment that had never been properly valued before. Along the way, the team used multiple data sources which helped us to understand key trends in our customer ecosystem, and where our efforts needed to be prioritised. The team were a delight to work with – crisp in their communication style, efficient, flexible and responsive to feedback."

Erryn Schettino - National Manager, Sales and Customer Strategy of BlueScope

"Strativity shaped and completed market research to identify potential revenue pools and helped us with the strategy to effectively target these. With this insight and hard work, we have been able to take advantage of these opportunities to triple our revenue and profitability over the last few years."

Mike Tristram - Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods

"I highly recommend the work of the Strativity team. They are experts in understanding and improving the customer experience of leading brands."

Paul Rayson - Chief Executive Officer of CommSec

"Strativity helped us understand the customer perspective and work across the business to design and execute the ideal experience, delivering both strategic and tangible value."

David Armstrong - Chief Executive Officer of Allity Aged Care

"Strativity helped us map the current client experience, prioritise enhancements and design the ideal experience. We then looked at the cultural and capability adjustments that would be needed to deliver in order to shape and execute the right plan. The team was first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations that want to drive customer centric change."

Mike Tristram - Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods

"Strativity helped us map the experience of members and employers to understand their needs, prioritise improvements and design the optimal experience. They brought great skill and a practical approach, enabling us to understand where value could be created and how we could best serve our members and employers. This was further supported by a measurement program to drive a customer centric culture and help us track progress."

David Atkin - Chief Executive Officer of Cbus

"I would certainly recommend Strativity. They engage brilliantly to understand and focus on the most critical insights and leverage these to determine the right actions. They certainly helped us on our journey to create seamless omnichannel experiences."

Chris Wilesmith - Managing Director of Supercheap Auto & Chief Executive Officer of Mitre 10 New Zealand

"The Strativity team were great in helping us to better understand the end to end customer experience for our key eParcels business. Most of the recommendations have been completed or are in progress and our eParcel business is continuing to grow significantly as a result."

Chris Koo - Manager of Domestic Parcels at Australia Post

"Thank you all so much for a wonderful ‘activation’ day yesterday. The hallway conversations have been buzzing with people’s reflections and feedback."

Nicola Reynolds - General Manager of Customer, Insights and Marketing at Benetas

"We found the Strativity training to be tailored perfectly to the culture we were working to create in all our stores – one that delights every customer with a proactive, energised, customer service approach that reflects our appreciation of every customer and a deep pride in the service we are providing."

Jerry Sheridan - President and Chief Executive Officer of AmeriGas

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