ProCure sized

The Client

ProCure is a leading Proton Therapy Treatment Centre targeting cancer patients. When ProCure launched its first treatment centre in New Jersey, it built its business with the customer in mind.

The Challenge

ProCure sought to differentiate itself in the specialist cancer treatment space through its Customer Experience. The company saw an opportunity to differentiate based on the experience it delivered for its customers and what mattered most to them.

The Approach

Strativity Group helped Procure map their customer experience strategy by conducting focus groups with physicians, cancer patients and by visiting others in their homes. From this process Strativity helped list 26 touchpoints from the ‘awareness’ stage through to post-treatment. Next Strativity conducted ideation sessions to map out a strategy to elevate the experience based on the focus groups and identify key ’moments that matter’ to the customers. To help activate the customer experience program, Strativity conducted education and training for frontline staff that included a discussion of the operation’s values, a review of patient profiles, and lessons about how to find the right level of empathy.

The Results

ProCure has grown into the nation’s leading and most respected group of proton therapy centers. Several patients have gone so far as to tattoo the ProCure logo on their bodies.