Benetas sized

The Client

Benetas are a leading not-for-profit Aged Care organisation that have been serving older Victorians, their families and carers with a full range of quality community-based services and residential homes and apartments for over 70 years.

The Challenge

Due to marked changes in government regulation concerning the Aged Care Industry in Australia, Benetas needed to reorientate their business more towards the customer. However, without a vision of what this might look like, it was difficult to drive increased alignment with organisational aspirations around customer focus.

The Approach

Strativity helped Benetas gain clarity of its current CX capabilities by applying its CX Diagnostic framework, leveraging its proprietary Promise, Performance and Platform matrix, which includes the 20 best practice elements of a CX strategy. Elements were then prioritised based on best practice gap analysis, while including a separate prioritisation of the 150+ separate customer initiatives in progress across the business – reduced to a clear 15 critical initiatives. Strativity then helped Benetas define their experience vision and develop a set of underpinning principles that would provide the necessary alignment across the business. An inspiring activation program was then delivered to 106 priority employees with a focus on target memories and emotions.

The Results

As a result of Strativity’s work, Benetas now has both clarity on the sequence of improvements ahead, as well as a powerful organisation alignment tool and a critical informant to strategy. In addition, employees are motivated and equipped to deliver exceptional experiences, and doing just that.